Monday, March 29, 2010

All Natural Produce Wash

I’ve been asking around about a good safe produce wash. I always DO organic as much as possible, but I must have my broccoli fix every week and most weeks I can’t find organic broccoli.

I’ve wanted to start washing my non-organic produce for awhile now and just never took the time to do some least not until this past weekend when the Hubby Bear brought home some green grapes from SAM’s. I looked at those could just see the dusty white film all over each grape.... I thought to myself, “No way! At least until we can wash them with something that is safe and effective.”

So, after polling several folks regarding a safe product on the market that works.... Boots McCann, one of our members, came up with the number one answer! She gave me a recipe that is used by the locals in Mexico to wash their produce. It is all natural and made of products that you most likely have in your kitchen right now!





That’s it!

The recipe can be found here. I tried it this morning and it works great! I feel much better about eating grocery produce when I can’t get hold of my organic.

Thanks Boots!!

Yours In Health

Slyck Pecena
Founder & Leader

Bless the Beasts, Bless our Children and Bless this Earth

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Meetup Scoop

I was unable to make the March meetup at the Village Cafe, so one of our members wrote up a brief description. Read up on what Cheryl Anne Chandler shares about the meetup. And check out the great pics that Franchesca Garza snapped! BIG thanks to you two!

Our yummy menu (Vegan Dinner Specials) looked something like this

Spring greens soup
Avocado and spicy sprouts sandwich on focaccia bred w/ dijon, cucumber, and carrot and a side
Broccoli and sweet pea Alfredo pasta
Pasta Primavera
Apple and almond cobbler a la mode for dessert!

Jenn Atkins spoke for the March meetup. She is a certified nutritional consultant, a student of herbology, and has worked for BNF for over 20 years. She briefly asked about lifestyles of the group and why we had chosen that particular path. She found that most of us were in it for health reasons and animal rights. I also mentioned the environmental relevance of a meatless lifestyle as well as spirituality.

Jenn discussed her thoughts for any diet. She explained how no two bodies are exactly the same and that different people may have different needs. Therefore, it is every individual's responsibility to develop their own personal awareness and to pay attention to their own body, their own needs, rather than putting all their stock in labels, books, and someone else's words.

The focus of conversation was on connecting to our food and being in touch with ourselves. We discussed the importance of how our food was raised or grown, how the food was prepared/processed, and the affects that it has on us. She mentioned not just food, but everything around us that we're exposed to. Water. Clothing. Material. Stress. Where did it come from and what affect does it have on me?

Jenn concluded by restating her main point, "No matter what you're told, you have to consider: 'What's good for me?'."

Welcome to our 2 newbies!! Cassie Baxter & Georgia Vergos. Hope you guys will become regulars!
Next month, Mary Strauss, the Sustainability Programs Coordinator for the City of Bryan, Environmental Services Division, will chat with us about upcoming events that we can get involved in.

I hope you will come and enjoy great food, interesting company and Mary Strauss. Please welcome her and thank her for sharing her valuable time with us!

APRIL 6th, Tuesday
6:30pm, Village Cafe

Join us for our May meetup as we will have a group "chat it up.” We can all join together, get to know each other, talk (among other topics,) about what we want from the group, where we see the group heading and what impact we want to make on the community!!

Yours in Health!

Slyck Pecena
Founder and Leader

Bless the Beasts, Bless our Children and Bless this Earth

Monday, March 1, 2010

Vision Voice Veg*n'z March Meet-up

Hey Everyone!

The next Vision Voice Veg*n'z meet-up will be on
Wednesday, March 10th
6:30pm at Village Cafe.

Please let me know if you will be present and if you plan on eating dinner. Our speaker is Jenn Atkins. She is a certified nutritional consultant, a massage therapist, and a student of herbology. The topic of discussion will be "Living Sustainably".

Hope you see you there!



Bless the Beasts, Bless our Children and Bless this Earth