Friday, October 16, 2009

Madam CherryLane's Creamy CashooLicious Pie-Cake

YAH HOO!!!! We have the SECOND recipe submitted!!! I tell a... it ain't difficult at all.... just send me your recipes (hopefully with pictures) and I will post them for ya :-)

Man O Man!!! Who says us Veganz don't eat good... Mmm Mmm GOOD!!!

This is a recipe designed by one of our members. It is organic, raw and DEEE-licious!

Thanks C.C.!!

Madam CherryLane's
Creamy CashooLicious Pie-Cake
(w/ fruit topping)

submitted by Cheryl Anne Chandler

this was possibly my first successful attempt at any kind of raw conglomeration.

not necessarily necessities:
lotsa dates
lotsa cashews
Live Chocolate Granola from GoRaw*
raw cacao powder (or carob powder if you prefer)
organic cinnamon
coconut oil
raw agave nectar
all your favorite fruits*

*Village Foods has a large selection of GoRaw products that are great. The granola is the main ingredient for the crust, so if you don't have raw granola (and are going for an all-raw recipe), then you can throw together some flax seeds, sesame seeds, a few nuts if you want, some cacao powder, and agave nectar, and you'll get pretty much the same result.
*Mango, kiwi, and banana are awesome fruit choices for this recipe. Watermelon and organic strawberries are also good ones. And i like to throw in some pineapple because it's my very favorite.

This recipe is very flexible~~~
like a yoga master~~~

Before you begin:
My advice to you is, "Any nuts you use, soak em." In their natural state, they're perfect for squirrels but can be hard on the human digestive system. Soaking them for just a few hours or overnight (depending on the type of nut) softens them up and helps to remove enzyme inhibitors. Cashews are good after about three or four hours. Other nuts, such as almonds, take much longer.
Dates and dried fruits can also be soaked. Again, it makes them easier to digest and just easier to work with.
To make things simple, i usually soak any nuts and dried fruit i'm using overnight and rinse them afterward. "Wash your hands!" (My mom wanted me to add this step.) 'Cooking' with raw foods is a hands-on activity.
Remove the pits from the dates.

Alright, so don't build your house on the sand; have a good foundation.
Blend the granola with some of the dates (about six or seven should do it) until it binds together kinda like dough. Take the 'dough' out of the blender and use your hands or a utensil to press it into your pie pan. Press it down hard so that it fully covers the bottom and the edges of the pan in a thin layer. You don't want the crust to be too thick. Put the pan into your refrigerator.

Take the cashews (about 2 cups or so) and blend them in a blender. Add a few tablespoons of agave nectar and a few tablespoons of coconut oil, squeeze in some lemon juice, put in some of your fruit if you'd like, and keep blending until the mixture is smooth but not too liquidy. Then spice it up with some cinnamon and cacao. Take the pan out of the refrigerator and pour the filling into the crust. Again, put the pan into your refrigerator while you move on to the next step. It's good to wait until the filling is somewhat firm before you spread the topping over it. (This shouldn't take long.)

This is the easiest part and, in my opinion, the most fun too. You can blend up some fruit to make a spread if you like or just 'decorate' around the crust and over the filling with whole pieces.

Ta-da! Your raw vegan pie-cake is all done. Now eat it whenever you like, however you like, with whomever you like, and be sure to have as much fun eating it as you did making it.

Bless the Beasts, Bless the Children and Bless this Earth

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