Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bless the Beasts and the Children update 12/10/09

HOWDY everyone!!!!

12/10/09 Phil Trampini, owner of BCS Little Caesars Pizza is feeding the volunteers!! They even have vegetarian and vegan pizzas!!! BIG.. HUGE THANKS!!!!!

12/5/09 We are looking awesome for the event. We have volunteers, plenty of trucks and now in need of great weather!! YAY!!!! BIG HUGE THANKS to all of you guys that stepped up and volunteered your time, effort and energy to this event in behalf of your group and these wonderful organizations!!

5 Local Organizations will benefit: *Brazos Feral Cat Allies *God’s Little Creatures *The Great Pyrenees *Impact Animal Foundation *Scotty’s House

The lists of donations are now posted on this blogsite. They are on the back of the flyers as well.

11/23/09 delivered 1000 more flyers to Village Foods for distribution

11/18/09 Village Foods gave out all 750 flyers!!! YAY!!! Time for more!!! YAY!

11/12/09 The great folks at Gobble Green out of Austin (a gourmet Vegan food delivery service) is going to bring over some samples of their foods and discount coupons to give away at our event! YAY!!!! Check out their website! BIG THANKS Jennifer and Kevin!!!

11/5/09 Cheryl Anne Chandler has volunteered to design and make up signage for the day of the event!!! WHOOP!!! Thanks kiddo!!!!

If you work for the school district or if you are a Vet or work in a vet clinic, start a contest and give away prizes to the school, the grade, the classroom that collects the most donations for this event.

Have a contest with the vet clinics in town.... give prizes for the mose donations collected for this great cause!

CSPD and BPD and CSFD and BFD's could hold contests and give prizes for the city that collects the most donations...

11/6/09 I visited with Jim Lewis over at Village Foods yesterday and he showed me the area that we can use for this event! It could not have been more perfect!!! Excellent access and location. We have all the area in front of the Galaria Office Building. It is set up like a circle drive thru... so PERFECT for what we want to do!!! YAY!!!!

AND Franchesca Garza, our newest member, can get traffic cones for us!!!! DOUBLE YAY!!!! Thanks so much, FRANCHESCA!!!

I gave Jim the flyers for his folks to start distributing to customers as they check out. Hopefully the distribution will begin today and continue thru the day of the event!!! WHOOP!!!

BIG THANKS JIM LEWIS for everything you are doing to help support this event!

I will send out an email to everyone regarding volunteer sign up and the shifts available as well as availability of pick up trucks... etc.... probably just before Thanksgiving.

In case you have not read the original blog about Bless the Beasts and the Children, go ahead and take a look. This will catch you up to what we are doing.

I encourage each one of you to print out the flyer that I emailed a couple of days ago and hand it out or email it. SPREAD THE WORD!!








Community Partners:



Here’s more scoop:


Saturday December the 12th (possible inclimate weather date the 19th of Dec)

8am to 5pm Parking lot of Village Foods. (they are our first sponsor!)

Not only are they allowing us to use part of their lot; but also, they will stuff flyers in people’s bags during November and up to the event!! We provide the flyers. WHOOP!!! BIG THANKS JIM LEWIS!!!

People donate items and/or money to these entities. People drive up and we unload the donations and people drive away. Items are loaded in pickups according to destination and then delivered that day. We will store items under tents while waiting on delivery. Everything will be delivered that day.

Volunteer schedule:

Four (3 ) hour shifts beginning at 6:30 or 7am to 6pm. This will include set up and tear down. Maybe 6 to 8 folks (MINIMUM) per shift at the site. We definitely can use as many folks as possible! Each organization needs to have someone at their end to accept and unload the donations as they are delivered.

MARY LANDRETH, with Brazos Feral Cat Allies, has offered up her tent to use!!!! YAY!! Thank you so much Mary!!

We now have 4 tents!!!

COPY STOP PRINT & POSTAL stepped up & donated services for 750 ds flyers!!!! WHOOP! BIG thanks to Jeff and Ralph over there!!!

FRANCES DE GELIA submitted the radio PSA's for the event! BIG THANKS FRANNIE D!!!

KELLIE WILCOX-MOORE owner of the VILLAGE CAFE has volunteered to feed the volunteers the day of the event!!! I know we can always make room for more folks to help Kellie! AND..she has volunteered a tent, too!!! THANK YOU KELLIE!!!!

BRAZOS NATURAL FOODS will donate drinking water for us the day of the event! WOO HOO BIG THANKS, JANICE ATKINS!!!

DELLA CARROLL, God's Little Creatures, is letting us use 2 tents..... THANK YOU, Della!..

BIG thanks to KAMU FM & KEOS FM for helping to promote this event!

NOVEMBER the 5th. I will speak to the Leadership Brazos Alumni Association about our group and the Bless the Beasts and Children event at the new Best Western Inn, Austin Colony area in Bryan from 11:30am to 1pm

DECEMBER the 10th, Thursday, Mary Jo Prince and I will be on Sharon Colson's show Brazos Valley Magazine on KAMU TV to promote the event. (tape the show on the 2nd of Dec)

Whew!!!! Ok, I really need you guys help for sure. You are all Vegans and Vegetarians.. You eat very healthy and have TONS of energy.... come on and put it to great use!!! YAY!!!

Please, let me know you are available to help and we can work together on this wonderful event that will benefit so many local organizations and give great publicity for a lot of local merchants!!!

Bless the Beasts, Bless the Children and Bless this Earth

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