Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tofu Curry Stir Fry

Here's our very first submitted recipe!!! See.. it can be done.... it doesn't hurt... it doesn't take much effort... really! LOL!!!

This delicious, award winning.....curry dish is from Aditya Shrivastava, one of our newest members. He did not give it a title... so I gave it this title. Thanks Aditya!!


(all in his own words)

so there's not a strict recipe for what I had cooked, only thing to be mindful is: cook tofu till edges start turning brown. everything else is can be played around with!

- heat oil in a pan, medium-high temperature
- add hard tofu, diced into cubes.
- keep stirring till edges start turning brown
- add 2 diced tomatoes / or any pasta sauce
- add spices: 1 tble spoon each of turmeric, ground cumin, curry powder
- stir to mix them in
- add 2 diced bell peppers
- 1 spoon salt
- keep stirring, it's done when bell peppers become slightly tender.

Bless the Beasts Bless our Children and Bless this Earth

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  1. A big thanks to Aditya for sharing this. I loved the dish when you brought it to our October meeting!