Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brazos Valley Earth Day 2010

WOW!!! This past Saturday here in the Brazos Valley turned out to be a beautiful day for the Earth Day celebration! The morning started off a little “iffy”...... rain? or no rain? We were so fortunate that Cheryl Anne Chandler came up with a tent for us!! Wasn’t needed for rain..... but for protection from that gorgeous sunshine!!! There was a nice breeze around our booth and a BIG THANKS TO HEATHER QUAILS, Coordinator for Earth Day, we had a great location......Right on the main drag.

BIG SHOUT OUTS to the volunteers that shared their busy Saturday with us to help host the table!


These awesome folks came out to help host our table. We handed out pamphlets, flyers, bookmarks that when planted grow wildflowers and of course.... our famous Vegan and Vegetarian goodies..... These did not last long at all!!!

Let’s see we had Vegan Brownies, Nut Crunch Mix, Cranberry Pecan Cookies, Snack Mix made from raw Pecan-Almond-Cashew-Peanuts-Raisin-Pumpkin Seed in little baggies, Pineapple Cupcakes, Lemon Slices and Lemon-Poppy seed teacakes. All Vegan or Vegetarian and ALL simply YUM-MO!!!!! Everyone loves coming around our booth at events cuz we have the goodies!

We had a lot of folks interested in our group..... had never heard of our group & did not know we existed... that were Veg*n’z. Sure hope to recruit them!

And just look at this little guy..... he is having a great time!!!

Earth Day provided lots of entertainment from a Hybrid car show to demonstrations of Rainwater Harvesting & Composting to Live Music, in which one of our very talented young members entertained the event goers. Cheryl Anne Chandler sang a song called Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas. She is an amazing young woman... far wise beyond her years and not only, musically talented but also, artistically talented. She does our artwork for our group!! Way to go CC!!!! We LOVE you, kiddo!!!

Everyone said this was the best Earth Day yet! A great time was had and we so look forward to next year’s event!!!

Again, Thanks to Everyone!!!!

Slyck Pecena
Founder and Leader

Bless the Beasts, Bless our Children and Bless this Earth

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