Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Results of Bless the Beasts and the Children

Saturday the 12th of December the Vision Voice Veg*n’z for the Brazos Valley hosted the 1st annual Bless the Beasts and the Children holiday donation drive thru. The event was held in the parking lot of VILLAGE FOODS. JIM LEWIS, owner, so graciously allowed us to utilize a perfect spot for this drive thru endeavor.

The spot may have been perfect, but that is not the word to describe the horrible, rainy, misty, foggy, windy, cloudy, cold day. When I awoke at 4am that Saturday morning and heard the rain.... I knew it was going to be a very tough day. Hubby Bear and I arrived around 6:30am to start setting up. We had 3 tents donated for use and I cannot tell you how very, very grateful I was for those tents. They sheltered the dedicated volunteers from the weather and kept the donated goods dry while waiting to load into the trucks.

Mary Landreth from Brazos Feral Cat Allies and Della Carroll from God’s Little Creatures brought the tents.

The 5 Organizations that benefited from this event:


I must give our volunteers a GREAT BIG HUGE THANK YOU for showing up! Including our 4-legged ones! I am so proud of each one of them and just so impressed. On a day that would have been so much easier to just stay at home.. in bed... with hot tea and a book.... these terrific folks braved the really crummy weather in behalf of the 5 wonderful organizations and made this event a HUGE success:

ADITYA SHRIVASTAVA Vision Voice Veg*n’z for the Brazos Valley
CHERYL ANNE CHANDLER Vision Voice Veg*n’z for the Brazos Valley
FRANCES DE GELIA Vision Voice Veg*n’z for the Brazos Valley
FRANCHESCA GARZA Vision Voice Veg*n’z for the Brazos Valley
GAIL OSTENSEN Vision Voice Veg*n’z for the Brazos Valley
IRENE ERION Vision Voice Veg*n’z for the Brazos Valley
KELIN WARD Vision Voice Veg*n’z for the Brazos Valley
KRISTEN WILLIAMS Vision Voice Veg*n’z for the Brazos Valley
LAURA THOMAS Vision Voice Veg*n’z for the Brazos Valley
TUXEDO MASK Vision Voice Veg*n’z for the Brazos Valley

JOHN BORDEN Community Fresh Aggieland


BECKY ALMANY Brazos Feral Cat Allies
MARSHA MATCEK Brazos Feral Cat Allies
MARY LANDRETH Brazos Feral Cat Allies

CASSIE God’s Little Creatures
DELLA CARROLL God’s Little Creatures
KELLY God’s Little Creatures

FRANCES DE GELIA Great Pyrenees Rescue Society

ERIC REYES Impact Animal Foundation
JENNIFER TAYLOR Impact Animal Foundation
LORI NOVOSAD Impact Animal Foundation

MICHELLE MARSH Impact Animal Foundation
SHARON OTHOLT Impact Animal Foundation

LINDA PATTON Scotty’s House

The following are the awesome sponsors that helped get this show on the road!


VILLAGE FOODS, Jim Lewis (parking lot, coupons & distributed over 2000 flyers at his store)
COPY STOP PRINT & POSTAL, Jeff Plotts and Ralph Nieto (donated 750 flyers & coupons)
LITTLE CAESAR’S PIZZA, Phil Trampini (donated all the pizza for the gang & coupons)
VILLAGE CAFE (Kellie Moore's delicious pies)
GOBBLE GREEN, Jennifer and Kevin (tortilla soup and coupons)
BRAZOS NATURAL FOODS, Janice Atkins (a case of water)

Community Partners that got the word out:

And we can't forget the awesome photographers for the event and all the great pics they took!!! BIG THANKS to Franchesca Garza and Hubby Bear Pecena!!!

We had a fun-filled day even in the cold, dreary weather. Yes, we were all shivering... but heck, after a couple of hours ..... the body gets numb.. know what I mean? So...no big deal... ya get used to it! People started showing up around 10am and continued pretty much non-stop till 3pm. We had volunteers out at each entrance holding the cutest signs designed and made by Cheryl Anne Chandler and donated by her mom, Tonya Chandler.

People drove up with their cars and SUV’s and vans full of stuff for everyone. We had a lot of folks donate money. And several came by because they had been shopping at Village Foods and was given one of our flyers! We gave out a package of coupons from our sponsors to each person that donated just to say thank you for your kind gifts.

BIG THANKS to Franchesca Garza for providing the orange traffic cones that helped keep things tidy and orderly!!

I kept the troops fed with breakfast tacos from Village Foods. For lunch, Little Caesar’s Pizza on Booneville Road across from Bryan Krogers, fed everyone pizza.. including vegetarian and vegan pizzas! Kellie Wilcox Moore made Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter pies.. and they were to die for!! And then, mid afternoon, Jennifer and Kevin from Gobble Green, located in Austin, came over and brought us HOT n spicy Vegan tortilla soup! WOW!! That soup was awesome! We cameras on site, but did not get any pictures of the food! We all ate well while working hard unloading donations and loading them into the designated trucks

We heard all positive comments... like “so glad you are doing something like this.” “Hope you will do this again next year.” “I think it is wonderful that you chose the rescue societies as well as Scotty’s House.”

Over $2000.00 in cash was donated and thousands of dollars worth of goods and items were loaded up in the trucks over the 8 hours! Considering the weather, we rocked the day! Check out more pictures below of the event.

I am very proud of our new Vegan and Vegetarian (Veg*n) group. It was born only this past September and we were able and willing to put this event together in only 2 months. What a great group of members we have and what an amazing giving community BCS is to come out in miserable weather and donate to 5 worthy and deserving organizations!

If you are Vegan or Vegetarian ... or thinking about making the transition to one or the other.... and would like to be a part of this dynamic and dedicated group of great folks... just contact me! Our next meetup is January the 12th, 6:30pm Village Cafe.

Thank you everyone!!!

God Bless you all!

Slyck Pecena
Founder & Leader of VISION VOICE VEG*N’z for the Brazos Valley

Bless the Beasts, Bless our Children, and Bless this Earth

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