Sunday, October 4, 2009

Green First Friday Downtown Bryan

WOW!!! What an amazing night we had this past Friday!!! The night was absolutely gorgeous, comfortably coolish, with a slight breeze that kept our green balloons "alive." The 2nd annual Green First Friday in downtown Bryan was rockin' with music & laughter.
Vendors lined the east side of Main Street with everything from recycling to solar paneling to community farming to Vegan/Vegetarians promoting why this lifestyle would help clean up and protect the environment. Carnegie Library had a book sale. Wood carver, spinning wheels, pottery makers attracted a lot of attention. Live music from Valley Junction Blue grass band entertained passer-byers.

Outside, in front of Village Cafe, folks were jammin' to live music and across the street, you could buy a bear from Brazos Valley Bears; and produce and jelly from Farmers Market. Tons of people were walking the streets, giving hand shakes and fist bumps, greeting folks they knew and making new friends and chattin' it up with the vendors.

Our table, VISION VOICE VEG*N'z for the Brazos Valley, handed out flyers about our group meetings and what our group represents. We had "riding bikes saves the environment" flyers, we had "bake safety" flyers, & we had "why going Vegan or Vegetarian is healthy for the environment and for the body." We gave out flyers on "what it means to be Vegan."

We handed out Vegan goodies to people. Everyone was pleasantly surprised that they were so good.... especially after we told them there was no dairy, no sugar, no oil, no sodium, no eggs, no butter, no white flour and no artificial sweeteners! Laura Thomas made the banana chocolate chip muffins..... these were amazing! I made oatmeal-raisin-walnut-coconut cookies. CC and Tonya Chandler brought granola, grapes, pineapple and trail mix. I saved back the trail mix for us volunteers to munch on.... Yum...OH!! THANKS to you guys for the munchies!

Our hosts for our table were Aditya Shrivastava, CC Chandler, Frances DeGelia, Laura Thomas, Tuxedo Mask, and yours truly. We all had a terrific time. This event gave us the opportunity to introduce our group and our purpose to the community; and to let the community know there are Veg*n'z living here and we don't have 2 heads!
All in all... it was a very successful and fun-filled event! I give out HUGE kudos to all the hosts that took time from their very busy schedules to make room to be a very important part of this grand event! We could not have done this without each one of you!

And we give BIG thanks to Mary Strauss, who headed up this fantastic celebration of protecting this Earth and our local environment. What a really great job she did!

We'll be there next year, for sure!

Bless the Beasts Bless our Children and Bless this Earth

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