Friday, October 2, 2009

October Meetup Review

BIG.. HUGE.. thanks to those of you that attended last night!!! There were 12 of us, with two newbies!! Kelin Ward and Aditya Shrivastava. WELCOME!!!! I so appreciate your interests, your support and your contributions to our new group!!! WOO HOO for all of you!!!!
For those of you that missed the 2nd VISION VOICE VEGN'z for the Brazos Valley meetup last night.... all I can say.... you missed out on a LOT!!!

We met at Heather Dushcher's garden and learned how to grow your own food. She discussed soil prep to nurturing your crops to picking your goodies to keeping them fresh thru the winter. She is growing sweet potatoes, lettuce, green bells, snow peas, green onions, sage, basil and much more.

Heather helped us to understand about composting our own trash and how easy it is. And I was surprised to find out that you don't need that much space to compost. In addition to composting food trash, you can compost flour bags, coffee, and grass trimmings.

We had a great line of up FOOD!!! WOW! We have got some fabulous chefs among us! Vegan curry dish (which I missed out on!,) Black bean corn pico, Vegan tofu salsa, Raw strawberry pie and Raw Kiwi pie, and fruit and dates and wheat rolls...we ate well!

I was too busy eatin', listening to Heather's presentation and chatin it up that I took NO pics!! So, I stole the only one to post from Heather. (Thanks Heather!) That's why I need my photographer, the Hubby Bear at these meetings!
The announcements I made were:

*Green First Friday tonight. Our table will be around the Carnegie Library from 5:30pm to 8:30pm

*I will be posting announcements etc on our new blog. I encourage you guys to share "stuff." This is our blog. Send me what you would like to post and I will handle it for you! Recipes, recommended books, DVD's, movies. Ideas, thoughts, inspirations, blogs you want us to follow, events you want us involved in..... this is your opportunity!!

*BV Solid Waste Mgmt hosting Bi-annual Household Hazard Waste Collection, Saturday Nov 14th at the Old University Services Bldg. I'd like us to volunteer as a group for this!! What are your thoughts?

*Tax Breaks for taking care of your pet!!! YES!! up to 3500.00 annually. Sign up to get this Bill passed. (This I did not mention at the meeting)

*NOVEMBER meetup is Tuesday the 3rd of November at 6:30pm Village Cafe. Laura Thomas, one of our members, will be guest speaker. She will discuss Pre and Probiotics. Hope you can make it. If you want to order food, please RSVP HumbleVegan just to give them an idea of how many will be eating. You do NOT have to order.

Charlie Lindahl shared the event in The Woodlands at his church, Northwoods Unitarian Universalist, on October 24th (Saturday) is having International Day of Climate Action. If any of you wish to attend, Let Charlie know!!!

Here are some links of interest for those of you that missed out on last nights fun and for those of you that attended and want more info!
*Brazos County Planting Chart
*Square Foot Gardening
*Brazos Locavores

Well... thatsa wrap.. till next time!
Have a great weekend... hope to see you out at Green FF tonight!!!

Bless the Beasts, Bless our Children, & Bless this Earth

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